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Perfect Kitchens: Pre-Structured Design Studio Websites

Perfect Kitchen Website Kits are an ideal solution to updating a tired and outdated design-studio website. These websites are mobile responsive and view beautifully on any mobile device. More than 2/3 of website visitors are now using mobile devices to view and research professional service companies, brands, and local businesses. Perfect Kitchen sites are already configured to present your studio on mobile devices, as well as desktop and tablet.

To get you up and running as quickly as possible, we have partnered with Wood-Mode, and have integrated a good number of their professional project artwork into the available site styles.

While it is critical to have a professional website in our modern society, the customer audience varies from place to place, as do the needs and desires of studio owners. To best suit these needs, we have carefully crafted 3 different levels of Website functionality, in attempt to suit your style, your needs, and your wallet.

Perfect Kitchen Website Styles

With Perfect Kitchens Website Kits, your studio web-presence and marketing out reach can grow and evolve easily. In addition to our Website Kits, we also offer an ongoing monthly marketing service. Through this effort, we help you maintain a sturdy, reliable and persistently growing Internet presence through  timely and pertinent blog posts and cross-postings to your social media accounts. These efforts are critical to supporting would-be-customer access to your business, by putting your studio in front of relevant people seeking the solutions you offer, in your neighborhood. These efforts will help search engines like Google, and social media platforms like Facebook, to put your company in on the pages your new customers are interested in seeing.

Our goal is to help you best represent your studio and brand, while keeping with your natural voice. We will help you to highlight your most noteworthy achievements and professionally showcase your services, in an attractive and credible fashion. A credible organization, in todays society, is enabled through their relevance. Appearing relevant requires Google ranking, as well having the necessary content on your website and social platforms. Sites that are modern, up-to-date and function appropriately on all the devices your customers may use, will help you to build the brand loyalty your business deserves. The Perfect Kitchen team and our Website Kits will help you to quickly establish your new online home, and attract and engage the customers you need and desire.

The Perfect Kitchen Core Kit has the critical essentials to support your kitchen design studio on the Web.

This website solution includes all the critical basics, like registration of your domain, integration of your logo & brand, a site homepage customized with an image slider, a more detailed about page, a photo gallery with lightbox to display your projects, integrated links to your social media presence, and a fully interactive contact form & contact info page.

  • Web Domain: Registration of your domain, integration of your logo & branding which are critical to your web credibility.
  • Presentation / Intro Slider: Homepage customized with a 4-image slider showcasing Wood-Mode’s bespoke photography.
  • Designer / Team Profiles: Present your design team profiles and experience to gain your customer’s trust and satisfaction.
  • Product / Profile: Highlight Wood-Mode as your select vendor showing the various styles and products.
  • Project Gallery / Lightbox: Photo gallery with a lightbox to display your projects and accomplishments for your customers.
  • Contact Form / Contact Info: Fully interactive contact form and contact info page with a map for easy and fast communication with customers.
  • Social Media Connections: Integrated links to your social media presence to enhance your online presence and gain likes and followers.

$2,700 + Hosting

( 50% upfront + 50% to launch + $50/mo managed hosting )

The Perfect Kitchen Key Package supports your design studio with a highly capable collection of functionality designed to help you attract and engage new customers. In addition to the features of the PK:Core package, the PK:Key collection enables your studio with the features listed in the Core package offering, as well as the features listed, adjacent.

  • Blog / News: Update your site with informative blog posts & current news relevant to your business.
  • Portfolio / Highlights: Build & share your written and visual project success stories into your online project portfolio.
  • About Page / Studio Details: Detailed About page including all the details on your studio and designers.
  • Presentation / Intro Slider: Customize the homepage image slider with your own project photography and slide-in logo.
  • Services: Detail your work process and outline the specific services you engage for your customers in a streamlined page.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Share answers to Frequently Asked Questions and enable well-informed prospective customers.
  • Terms & Policies: Specific to your company detailing the legal terms and policies necessary for your industry.

$5,200 + Hosting

( 50% upfront + 50% to launch + $50/mo managed hosting )

The Perfect Kitchen Pro Package provides your design studio with some of the best web-based customer-attraction and engagement tools available. This professional solution will drive new customers and create new opportunities.

In addition to the full collection of features that are included with our Perfect Kitchen Core Package and our Perfect Kitchen Key Package, the Perfect Kitchen Pro Package has a further extended collection of capabilities.

The Perfect Kitchen Pro Package configuration includes the adjacent list of additional components to further enhance your website and help enable new opportunity.

  • Pop-up Email Request: Encourage visitors to share their email on politely designed popup requests, creating hot new leads.
  • Email Collection Database: We’ll collect customer leads & visitor email addresses in a database, and enable you to contact them all.
  • Client Testimonials: Share Client Testimonials & allow your successes to help drive well-deserved new studio clients.
  • Partners Page: Showcase preferred partners with a page dedicated to sharing your relationships with partners and their background.
  • Logo Line: Eye-catching partners logo carousel with clickable partner logos of firms you want to highlight.
  • Video Integration: Integrate a pre-built marketing video seamlessly into your site. If you don’t yet have one, engage us to affordably build one.
  • Custom Filterable Gallery: Configure your gallery with filters, enabling visitors an easier view into projects most related to their interests.
  • Alert / Update Broadcast: Easily share informative updates, news releases, and value-opportunity alerts.
  • Multi-Studio Interactive Map: Present studio locations on an interactive map and enable easy creation of directions to your studio.

$7,700 + Hosting

( 50% upfront + 50% to launch + $50/mo managed hosting )


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